ALLSTONE 36" Floral Carving Front Double Basin Kitchen Farmhouse Sink

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  • Charcoal Marquina Soapstone / Honed
  • Our farmhouse kitchen sinks are all handcrafted with precision from single blocks of natural stone, (no seams).
  • The actual color may vary slightly depending on your computer/screen.

This beautiful soapstone (also known as Steatite) from Brazil is on the harder side, thus making it ideal for kitchen sink use. Marquina is very dense with 0% absorption, which means any staining will only be on the surface and can easily be removed, and it’s heat resistant.
If you want your stone to appear as black, a sealer is needed. With todays technology, engineered sealers are food safe and provide much better results, most will last for a year or more.

Please Note/ Upon request we will gladly send you photos of the actual sinks in-stock for your selection.

Weight 235 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 20 × 10 in

Caring for a stone sink is not nearly as complicated as cleaning manufacturers would have you believe. In fact, you probably have all you need in your home already: dishwashing soap and bleach.

The finish of our sinks is achieved by hand polishing with diamond grinding pads. Sealers and chemicals are not added to enhance or protect our natural stone products. Due to the density of most stones, sealers simply aren’t required; with the exception of sandstone which is typically porous and soft, therefore, the use of a good stone sealer is recommended.

Acidic foods can dull or etch a highly polished stone, even when stone sealers are used. For this reason, all of our kitchen sinks come with a honed, or slightly dull, interior finish to neutralize the effects of acidic foods.

Cleaning directions: for general cleaning we recommend Dawn dishwashing soap. For tough stains, bleach works great and will not harm your stone (including marble).