ALEKO Coasts Sauna Heater CON4 Outer Digital Controller Spa Sauna Room

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Coasts sauna heaters are reliable, economical, and built with durable materials that are made to last. Using the CON 4 outer digital controller, you can set your heater for a maximum of four hours of heating with an eight hour timer delay. The CON 4 controller displays both time and temperature, includes a light switch for your sauna, and features two work modes.

This heater is both CE certified for its energy saving capabilities and UL certified for its stainless steel heating elements that are safe and durable, including a high temperature cutoff device. The inner heating tank is made of temperature resistant galvanized sheet metal, and the external shell is made of galvanized sheet metal with fluorocarbon coating, making this heater rust and corrosion resistant. A special cover reinforces the structural integrity of the heater to ensure maximum functionality and safety under high temperatures.

This heater has a default working time of 45 minutes with a maximum running time of four hours of heating and eight hours of waiting time.

Due to the nature of the 220V-240V hardwired heater unit, an electrician is recommended upon installation.


  • 4.5 kW / 240 Volt Coasts Sauna Heater for Spa Sauna Rooms
  • Heating and timer settings controlled by CON 4 digital controller
  • Energy saving heater with CE certification; UL certified for safety features
  • Heats to a maximum of 220 degrees Fahrenheit/105 degrees Celsius; For safest use in traditional saunas, it is recommended to use heater at 150-175 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Built with rust and corrosion resistant materials; withstands high pressure and temperatures
  • Power: 4.5 killowatts, 240 volts